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The Land of Ta wiki is for the collaborative development of the Myths,Legends and Lore of the The Land of Ta and its fascinating characters.

This wiki is for fan created stories. and world building of the Land of Ta characters as presented on the Land of Ta Sticker sets. It is not official backstory by the original creators of the Land of Ta characters, but inspired by those characters. It is not information pertinent to the search for answers concerning the Geedis Mystery at the subreddit r/Geedis.

This is a fan art/fiction wiki for creators gathered at the r/LandOfTa subreddit looking to create a lore surrounding the characters found on the sticker sheets.

The framework of this wiki is such that, like existing mythology, the characters can have various, even conflicting stories. There exist numerous volumes of study of Ta, its denizens, its history, its lifeforms, all from various time periods, points of view, etc, such that anyone can add to the lore with their own ideas within reason. The Nemesis Cycle of time allows for 999 iterations and interpretations of the Land of Ta and its characters.

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